Software engineer at Mozilla. Working with glTF / WebGL / WebGPU / WebXR and on Hubs. Aggressive open-source contributor and interested in Web technologies, Realtime 3D CG, Optimization, and Low-level.

Hi, I am Takahiro. I am originally from Japan and based on California, the USA now. I am a full-stack Software engineer at Mozilla. Working with glTF / WebGL / WebGPU / WebXR and on Hubs.

I am very passionate about technology. I really like solving complex technical problems. I like working with talented people. I like sharing my ideas with them and learning from each other.

I am really excited to work for Web 3D because they are very hot and new challenging technologies. I like working on Web 3D library because it has a lot of opportunities. Web 3D is growing since WebGL launched because of the evolution from 2D Web contents to 3D, its portability, easiness to see, easiness to make, easiness to collaborate. And now it's extending Web to the new world, WebXR. Library/Framework is a center core of Web 3D. Working on it has a huge impact.

In Mozilla, I have been working on WebXR content creation helper tools to improve WebXR developers' productivity by allowing the test of WebXR application in their desktop browsers without the need of WebXR devices. And I am in Hubs, Mozilla's Web-based open and global virtual collaboration platform, team and have been working for Automatic performance test, Audio experience improvement, and WebGL stuff optimizations.

I also like Low-level. Before I joined Mozilla, I worked on Oracle in-memory database chip-level tuning project in Fujistu with Oracle database team. I led the Fujitsu platform specific Oracle In-memory Database library project with C/C++ and SIMD, and achieved 100x better performance compared to the traditional databases.

Before that, I worked as a hardware engineer and designed server processor. I obtained five patents to tackle challenging problems then.

In my free time I studied UNIX kernel and published a UNIX kernel text book used in multiple college courses. Recently I wrote RISC-V, open ISA, processor and peripheral device emulator in Rust + WebAssembly that users can run/debug Linux on it in their desktop browsers. It is good for RISC-V learners.

I would be pleased if you would connect me via: